Finding your Dharma...

Shedding light on your Life's Purpose

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Have questions about your Life's Path or Purpose?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning “purpose.” Most of us reach a point in our lives questioning our purpose. As we grow, we seek to know our dharma-to fulfill our purpose, to somehow have our lives make sense in the context of everything that is going on in the world.

Join Dan Schleinig, Planetary Healer for an enlightening and inspiring afternoon that will shed light on your Life's Path & unlock your Life's potential. With the use of your Birth Data, Oracle Readings and Intuitive Insight, Dan will offer attendees the tools to achieve clarity and awareness on understanding one's Dharmic Path.

About Dan...

Dan has been reading astrology charts and helping individuals find clarity & light since 1976. He can be described as a Planetary Healer who utilizes a unique blend of Intuition, Birth Data Information and Oracle Readings to bring about a transformation in consciousness by helping his clients grasp a deeper understanding of their life's purpose. Sessions leave clients feeling uplifted and typically help individuals resolve inner conflict.

Workshop will include:

*Vital info on your Birth Data and how it relates to your Dharma*

*Oracle Readings which will reveal the answers to your questions*

*Access to various methods and tools that will help you to understand your Life's Purpose on a deeper level*

*Clarification & Illuminating information on past & present challenges*

*Insight & Guidance on your Path*

**We recommend that you bring a journal or notebook to document and form a clear statement describing your own Dharma and at the end of the workshop all attendees will create a sacred promise to fulfill their soul’s purpose**

"Change the way you see yourself and you change the world you see"~Dan Schleinig



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