What is the Maldives Health Declaration form?

The Maldives Health Declaration Form is a legal document required in almost all countries to show proof of a patient's health. It is kept for a minimum of three years. This document helps in the detection of any existing or potential diseases, their treatment and the general information about them. It is mandatory to keep the declaration in a safety box at all times so as to protect patients' privacy. The Maldives Health Declaration form can easily be downloaded from the official website of the Government of the Maldives. It is also available at any local library.


When applying for a passport, or naturalization, a health declaration form is typically filled out. It can also be filled out when you apply for employment, or retire. This form is easy to fill out and only requires your personal information and a brief explanation of your profession. If you don't want to fill it yourself, you can get it from any Maldives doctor's clinic.

The health insurance program is administered by the Ministry of Health and is designed to provide healthcare services to its citizens free of cost. All residents of the country are required to have a Maldives Health Declaration Form. This is to ensure that you do not become ill without knowing your current condition and how much treatment will cost. The government will have these details in case you become blind or fall ill. You may also get it filled up at any Maldives medical practitioner's clinic.

The form has two sections: the Personal Information section and the Public Health section. The Personal information section includes your personal details such as your name, address, contact details and passport. The Public Health section provides basic information about your past records and current health status. To prove your Maldivian citizenship, you may need to provide proof of citizenship or a copy a birth certificate. If you have been registered with the local authorities, then you may also mention this in the Public Health declaration page.

The financial status section of the health declaration form contains an income statement which will state your total income and the total expenditure. It will also include your personal assets such as bonds and shares. The Legal Status section of the document details about your legal status like your permanent residence, work permit, civil and other immigration status and Permanent Travel Address if you have moved to the country. The Beneficial Ownership section will include the information regarding your beneficial ownership in the country. The Indemnity section will include the list of relatives who have been granted immunity for certain diseases and medical conditions.

The Real Estate Department will handle any property purchase in Maldives, including apartments, plots land, or houses. For foreigners wishing to buy property in the country, it is advised that they go through the Foreign Investors' Authority. Foreign exchange transactions are also monitored closely by the government. The Maldives Health Declaration Form is a very important document, which is needed to process all foreign transactions in the country.