The New World/ VUS.2

By: Tyler Ayres

The New World

New England was settled by Puritans seeking freedom from religious persecution in Europe.

The Middle Atlantic Region

It was settled chiefly by English, Dutch, and German-speaking immigrants seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity.

Virginia and Other Southern Colonies

It was settled by people seeking economic opportunities and some of the settlers were "cavaliers" who were English nobility who received large land grants in estern Virginia from the King of England.
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The Virginia Company of London established Jamestown in 1607, for a business venture as the first permanent English settlement in North America.
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The Virginia House of Burgesses

This body of government was established by 1640's, was the first elected assembly in the New World. Now it is known today as the General Assembly of Virginia.


When the colonist came to the New World they brought over diseases that effect the native people who fell victim to the Europeans.

Agricultural Economy

It was based on large landholdings in the southern colonies which led to the introduction of the slavery needed in the New World in 1619 to work on tobacco plantations.
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