Grayson Groepper

About Myself


I like to travel. I would like to go on a cruise. I have been to Washington D.C, San Francisco, Florida, South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, and the Ozarks. I like to go fishing and camping.


I like to play with my friends, video games, and build things. I would like to learn archery.

Emotional Health

I am happy most of the time. I have a good sense of humor like my Dad. I am compassionate like my Mom. Sometimes I get mad, but I am even tempered. I like to be alone sometimes. I do believe in God and have faith in Him.

Family Life

I have one sister. Her name is Cassea. She is 18 years old and going to graduate from high school this year. She is a good sister and would do anything for me. My Dad is Todd Groepper. He teaches art at Williamsburg High School. He is 50 years old. He is funny and likes to pick on me. My Mom is Betheen Groepper. She has a teaching degree and works at Mary Welsh with special needs children. She is 47 years old. She is smart and loves working with children. As a family we like to travel, go out to eat, especially at Riverside Casino and Gold Resort, and watch movies together.
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Things I Like

I like to eat crab, shrimp, fish, kit-kat chocolate bars, Casey's pizza, and ice cream. I like to watch shows on the Discovery channel and Animal Planet. My favorite on Discovery is Moonshiners. On Animal Planet my favorite is River Monsters and Whale Wars. I like computers so I want to be a Computer Forensic Scientist some day. I love to wrestle with my dog, Gracie. She is a smart dog. I like to watch our piranhas eat the blood worms we feed them and I like to lay down and watch tv with my two cats.