I-Pad Apps

iMovie, Garageband, Haiku Deck, and Corkulus


iMovie allows you to make trailers, or movies, about topics. Or just for fun.

You can discuss topics in a fun way, and make movies.

Record you saying what you need to and put it out there.

Use them for projects and do projects differently than normal and just be able to have a different project and try different things.


Make your own music and pod casts.

Allows you to go and make music to discuss what you are talking about like a normal radio talk show host would do.

Rehearse speeches, learn to play music, make gifts for someone like we did for Mr.Gorsuch.

Haiku Deck

Make power points and keynotes.

Use them like digital or virtual note cards like a simpler version of quizlet.

Make a discussion like we did for our last project on digital citizenship and have the key points of certain discussions.


Use it like a corkboard.

Organize your information.

Web graphs and stuff.