Project HELP

(Homeless Education and Learning Program)

Main Focus

To assist families in temporary living situations due to economic crisis or hardship. Project HELP assists school age students with enrollment and AISD local support services.

These services include:

-free lunch

-parenting and family workshops

-school supplies

-tutoring services

-referral to community services (ie: housing, food pantry, ect.)

-AISD transportation (bus passes, regular school bus route)

What social problem is being addressed and what is this agency doing to solve it?

Project HELP is addressing homelessness in the Austin area. Although this program serves as a temporary aid for families, it works closely in bridging communication gaps between local housing agencies and families that are in need. Project HELP's main focus is to make the transition from place to place easier on students so that they maintain a sense of stability, even if it's just at school.