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Acton Weekly Update: 5/5/2017

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Click on the link below for this week's PLC Feedback Form.



Link to the SOS Form for any students you need to start the SOS process.


Fourth Quarter PD and PLC schedule

Click HERE for the PD and PLC Schedule.

All dates are subject to change if necessary.

Nuts and Bolts

Monday, May 8th at 7:45 AM in the LGI room we will be honoring our amazing parent volunteers. Please join me in assisting to serve them and show them how much we appreciate all they do for our staff and students.

As far as I know this has not been an issue here, but it was discussed at our principal's meeting today. No staff members can tutor on school property and charge for their services. You can tutor for free before or after school in the building. If you charge a fee, you must do so in another location. This is a district wide policy and must be followed. Those services can be considered a third party business and schools can in no way be involved. This also includes sending out staff emails to sell an item. If you have a fundraiser or small business to promote, you can put that information in the lounge with a note, but please do not send out emails.

Awards Day Information: You should have received information regarding Awards Day in your mailbox. I'll be placing class completion awards in mailboxes this week and then will be giving the rest very shortly. Please fill those out and return as soon as possible. (I understand that Honor Roll may be a little late). Please see the Awards Week RA schedule.

May 22 and 23

Monday and Tuesday

9:30-10:15 Awards

10:15-10:45 5th grade RA

10:45-11:15 4th grade RA

11:15-11:45 3rd Grade RA

11:45-12:45 RA Lunch and Prep

12:45-1:15 2nd grade RA

1:15-1:45 1st grade RA

1:45-2:15 K RA

2:30-3:15 Awards

May 24


9:30-10:15 Awards

10:15-10:45 5th grade RA

10:45-11:15 4th grade RA

11:15-11:45 3rd Grade RA

11:45-12:45 RA Lunch and Prep

12:45-1:15 2nd grade RA

1:15-1:45 1st grade RA

1:45-2:15 K RA

2:15-3:00 Awards

Curriculum and Instruction

PIVOT Goals: If you have your PIVOT growth goal data, you may go ahead and submit it into PIVOT. If you are waiting on DIBELS EOY data or another piece of data, that is fine but please put it in as soon as it is available.

FTCSC DIBELS GOALS: Accuracy 85% and Fluency 80%

Boost those Skills:

Student-Adult Reading: In student-adult reading, the student reads one-on-one with an adult. The adult can be the teacher, a parent, or an IA, etc. The adult reads the text first, providing the students with a model of fluent reading. Then the student reads the same passage to the adult with the adult providing assistance and encouragement. The student rereads the passage until the reading is fluent. This should take approximately 3-4 readings.

Home-School Connections: Suggest ideas for building home-school connections that encourage families to become involved actively in their children’s reading development. {Send me your favorite tip, and I will compile a list for all of us!}

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Reaching ALL Learners

Socialization is the drive for acceptance that encourages students to imitate their peers and join groups, from clubs to cliques, to gangs. Students want to belong somewhere. Evidence suggests that it is peers, not parents, who have the greatest influence on school-age students.

If your school aims to improve student achievement, academic success must be culturally acceptable among your students.

From: Eric Jensen’s Teaching With Poverty in Mind


Tuesday PD will be Nadine presenting Google Classroom! 7:45 in the LGI Room.

From Nadine and Mark: Folks our EdCamp will be on June 1st at Franklin Central Freshman Academy from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. The morning will consist of breakout sessions based upon the needs teachers have requested. (Google Classroom, Hyperdocs and Canvas have been requested several times by teachers via our survey). The afternoon will have Matt Miller (the author of Ditch that Textbook) giving a presentation to all who attend. Sean Fahey, teacher in Paoli and Hyperdoc guru will be a part of the breakout sessions in the morning discussing Hyperdocs more in depth.


An EdCamp is a professional development conference designed around the specific needs of its attendees.

Please fill out the following survey so we can begin to discuss what sessions would be most helpful to our teachers. https://goo.gl/forms/V233LqEFanSDDiVv1

Click on the video below to learn more about EdCamp.


What's Coming Up

Weekly Updates 2016-2017


8 Fire Drill ONLY-revised!

9 5th gr field trip Symphony

10 Kindergarten Assessments

12 Kindergarten Assessments

12 4th grade field trip to the zoo

17 Grading window opens

18 5th graders visit to East 9:30-11:30

19 5th graders field trip to Southeastway Park 10-1

19 5th grade jam 4-6

22 Kindergarten (AM) and First Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

23 Second (AM) and Third Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

24 Fourth (AM) and Fifth Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

25 Grading period ends

25 Last Student Day (pending no snow days)

26 All Grades posted & Verified


2 Report cards mailed

*All events are tentatively scheduled and could change throughout the school year. Please follow the newsletters, Facebook posts and Teacher updates for possible changes.