May Booking Bonanza!!!

Special Incentive for NEWBIES!

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Jumpstart- Here we come!!!

Hello Newbies!!!

We are so thrilled you have joined us on this Stella and Dot adventure! As you know the first 60 days of your business is called your Jumpstart! Our goal is to help you maximize this time period and earn the most FREE PRODUCT CREDITS that you can! do we do this??? BOOK, BOOK, BOOK!!!! The more you book, the more $$$ you earn and the more FREE JEWELS you get!

I always say, give it your best shot during jumpstart! I hate to leave free money on the table, you know?? Why not do one or two or three extra shows to earn that extra $150 n credits?? You can always adjust your "schedule" on day 61 :)

Here is the Jumpstart guide!!! How much do YOU want to earn in Jumpstart credits? Remember....this is YOUR Business. You chose what works for YOU!

For every TWO qualified show (4 orders and $300!) you will earn $150!

***If you do TWO of these shows in your first 30 days, you earn $300! WOW!

Are you ready to BOOK? Let's DO it!

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So you have already probably seen that we like a fun challenge on our team. :)

Here's the scoop....

We are going to take the next 10 days to BOOK! For every TWO shows you book for May and June (and yes, existing shows count!!!), you'll earn ONE raffle ticket!

2 shows booked = 1 raffle ticket (2 shows = JUMPSTART! :)

We will have TEN days (April 25th- May 5th) to BOOK and collect raffle tickets! The winner of the raffle on the 5th will receive a $50 Gift Card to either Stella and Dot (to use on jewels, bags or displays) OR your choice of store!!!

*** These shows must be IN HOME trunk shows :) Online shows and events do not count. As much as they are amazing ways to find customers, they difficult to achieve a jumpstart :)

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How do I get started???

You are probably thinking..."ok, this is great, but how do I book????"

All of the leaders are here to help you in the Newbie Page! We will also be posting videos throughout the 10 days with booking advice!

The first thing you should do is write down everyone you know on your WHO DO YOU KNOW LIST! Then start "warming" people up! You can send a look book (like above) with a sweet personal note OR send a personal email, message or text with a link or picture of something you think they would love. Then FOLLOW UP three days later with a CALL!!! (yikes..I know :) but calls generate the best results for booking!!)

So..are you ready to warm contacts up tonight?? Let's do this!!

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Make sure your planner is marked with days that YOU want to work when following up with people. Offer TWO dates are are 7-10 days away! (super close) and when they say no...because they are too close, offer TWO more that are about 2 weeks away! No need to book 6-8 weeks in advance :) You want your shows NOW! :)
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