All About Me <3

Me, Myself, And I

Learning Styles

I like to learn in a small environment with a few people. Also I like it to be quiet and not loud, because I cant concentrate like that.

Ethnic/ Cultural Background

I am african american, with a little indian. Also I am A Christian.

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One of my fears are spiders, and bugs. And also, losing my family.

Bucket List

I want to go to New York, before I die and also, become a doctor, and have kids.

Things Your Good At

I am good at cheerleading, volleyball, dancing, and texting.

Things You Should Know About Me

I am outgoing, and sometimes I can get frustrated easily. I also, get irritated quick. Besides that, I like to go places, and hang out with my family and friends (:


I am flexible, and can act very well.

Favorite Things

My favorite food to eat is pizza, and burgers. My favorite music is HIP-HOP, and Rap. I am also addicted to candy, and CHIPS.