By Carson Ekstedt

What Are Prosthetics.

Prosthetics are the making and fitting of artificial body parts due to injury or lost of limb.


To go into prosthetics you need a 2 year associates degree in prosthetics. You must have a high school diploma with at least 3 years in math and science.

Classes you should take

If you want to get into prosthetics, the classes you should take in high school are wood shop, mechanical engineering, anatomy, physics and chemistry.

Skills you need

There are particular skills you need to have to get into prosthetics. You need to have good skills such as power tools and need a high level of hand eye coordination. You should also have the ability to follow directions very closely and have good communication skills.


Going into prosthetics will help many people. Soldiers who have lost a limb in combat, or just a regular person who got into an accident. It makes their lives extremely easier, and the prosthetics are custom fit so they're comfortable too.