The Dixie Dazzler

Your Weekly Inspiration

I'm "Tote"-ally in LOVE!

This week, Im Tote-ally in love with our bags but even more so, Im TOTALLY in love with our team! Do you know how amazing you all are??? I have seen stylists accomplish so many goals this week. From booking one more for April, to sponsoring stylists, to styling their first show! I have the best job.... I get to watch you from the sideline and watch you achieve your dreams! Congrats to all who moved their business forward this week! You are truly dazzling!!!

Weekly Focus

This week, Ill be focusing on several things!

1. Booking

I'll be looking at my calendar this morning. Where is my trunk show schedule? Is it where I want it to be? Im booking our for April, May, and June. I start with the immediate and move from there. Im getting full thanks to working on this each week. Soon I will have to start a waiting list as Danielle Redner mentioned yesterday. Then, when I have a cancellation, I can call the waiting list!

2. Selling

Im planning on doing an event at my local gym. I dont plan on selling much there, but Ill be creating interest in the summer line and booking shows with strangers. A good move towards the future!
3. Sponosoring

We have lots of new stylists and Im so excited to train them! Ill be holding our first "Lunch & Learn" on Thursday, April 18th at 11 am. We'll have a quick lunch and go over the basics of our business. This is good for new stylists and anyone that wants to brush up on their skills Please email me if you can join us!

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