By Saliha

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What does E-Safety stand for?

It stands for electrical safety.
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What are the dangers of social media?

There are various dangers which include:

  • Posting pictures which are inappropriate-as you get older you will soon realize that they are inappropriate however they will stay there forever as their friends will have shared it with their friends who will share it with their friends etc. This is called a digital footprint.
  • Sharing your personal details is one of the biggest dangers. You shouldn't even tell people what school you go to. They may be waiting for you outside the school and they could put your life at risk. If you do share it then you should immediately tell an adult or the police so that you are under protection at all times.
  • You can be a victim of cyber bullying. You should always tell an adult that you trust. Never keep something like that to your self. You can tell child line , someone who you trust or report them.
  • There will be people pretending to be your age. Their profiles will be extremely believable. NEVER meet up with them. They may be child predators who will not treat you well.
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What can you do to stay safe online?

Make sure that you do the following:

  • Keep your profile on private.
  • When you are online TRUST NO ONE!
  • Don't speak to strangers online-People are not who you think they are.
  • Don't get any social media if you are under age.
  • You should acknowledge the consequences and avoid doing things which you will later regret.
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What can we do to lessen the risks of things happening?

As technology improves so should e-safety. I believe that you should be able to tell and detect the difference between a real and fake profile. This will help you understand who to talk to and who you shouldn't talk to. However you should not be talking to strangers anyway!