Hebrew and Judiacs Newsletter

גן (Kindergarten)

November 30th-December 4th, 2015

The letter ד (Dalet)

Our letter this week was ד (dalet). ד makes a "d" sound and has a diving board. Once again, we had to use our eagle eyes to make sure that we didn't miss the diving board and think it was a ר (reish).

Here are some words we learned that start with the letter ד:

Honey D-vash דבש

Door Deh-let דלת

Bee D-vo-rah דבורה

Flag Deh-gel דגל

Bear Dov דב

Fish Dag דג

Glue Deh-vek דבק

Judaics: The Story of Chanukah

In Judaics this week, we learned Chanukah songs and read the story of Chanukah. We then spent time talking about what made Judah Maccabee a good leader, as well as the importance in the chanukah story of the Jews believing in one God. From this discussion we made a connection to the Shema. The class also talked about what miracles we have in our lives.

Read Aloud this Week (Amazing Book): Maccabee! The Story of Hanukkah!

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Save the Date: Kindergarten Chanukah Parties Next Week

Edelman: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Solmson: 1:30pm-2:30pm

Weiser: 10:00am-11:00am

Shabbat Shalom