Ancient Mariner Stanzas 48-59

By Kevin Helock and Seth McKinney


So there's this sailor, and he's using this super-rambling creepy dialogue to describe the night, and there's also these really white ghosts there. The ghosts were checking them out and they must have been really ugly because literally everyone died, kinda like the tale of the ugly barnacle. Except for the sailor dude, of course. He was used to being ugly so the ghosts didn't seem too bad to him. Yeah, but like two hundred men died, and they was killed so quick, they made no noise or anything, so no screaming or whatnot, which would've made a pretty bad horror movie, cause the more girly screaming the better. But he got pretty salty, cause his boys was dead, and there were these snakes too. But then they were ghosts too, and they all stared at the guy, and they was pretty salty too, cause they was dead and all. So somehow some really old sea-guy gets involves here. I guess he reminds me of death or something, but like, a big bird and some snakes ain't as cool as a big scythe, you feel me? So the guy was alone on this creepy boat with these snakes, which kinda makes this the next "Snakes on a Plane" sequel, but yeah, he was getting pretty weirded-out with all the dead guys. I guess he kinda lost his mind, being the only not-dead guy, so he thinks they're pretty and all, so some sort of real heavy Black Parade type stuff. Seems like this guy is also bipolar, cause then he thinks they're gross and whatnot, and he sees that everything's rotting, including the ocean, which makes no sense cause water don't rot. So he's pretty scared, and he tries to pray, but these angry soul things are whispering cause they mad, and he can't concentrate, kinda like when you're doing math and someone shouts numbers next to you, ya know? So then he's all quiet, and he changes his mind and decides the men aren't rotting, just the boat they're in. And he's super creep'd out cause he's with all these bodies that are just staring at him. Then I guess this has to be a cliff-hanger, cause that's where our section ends.