Alexander Calder Gallery

Hannah, Lincoln and Mareya

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder did multiple things. He was a student who took drawing courses and studied engineering . He took his classes at Art Students League. He worked at the “National Police Gazette”. But what Alexander Calder was known for was his art. Alexander helped enhance art by using the element of movement he began with mechanical Calder's Circus and later moved on to motorized. Calder also created static sculptures called “stabiles” as well as paintings ,jewelry, theater sets and costumes.


Alexander Calder sculpture the flamingo shows vivid color. It also shows parts of contrast with the angular steel and glass surroundings. The flamingo is successful because of the integration in the plaza. Although it has monumental proportions, because the design is open it allows the viewer to walk through it freely.

A Universe

"Just as one can compose colors, or forms, so one can compose motions," this is a quote from Alexander Calder before he made the universe. The Universe is Calder's first mechanical mobilizes. A Universe is an abstract vision of the cosmos. It shows spheres that look like planets. Which move along curved paths at different speeds.


While in Paris Alexander Calder developed two different types of sculptures. Which were mobiles and stables. Eagle was created when Alexander Calder was known as one of the greats. In this specific sculpture it shows his distinctive combination of pragmatism and poetry. Eagle displays curves and perfect posture. The pointy beak shows weightlessness, vibrant colors and abstract feature.