Fame in the middle ages

Joan of Arc, King John, and William the conqueror

Joan of Arc

JOan of Arc was also Known as the "Maid of Orleans". Joan lived from 1412-1431 and lived in eastern France.Joan was very hard headed and a very determined woman of her time. she lead her army into battle in the Hundred Years War. She was burned at the stake at age 19. She was also cmmiting crimes by wearing pants. "Prince of Burgundy, I pray of you — I beg and humbly supplicate — that you make no more war with the holy kingdom of France. Withdraw your people swiftly from certain places and fortresses of this holy kingdom, and on behalf of the gentle king of France I say he is ready to make peace with you, by his honor." Her most important decision was leading her army into battle when she was 15. We should care about her because she was a very powerful woman of her time. Her most siginificant accomplishment was leading her army in the Hundred Years War.
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King John

King John was also known as John Lackland. He lived from 1166-1216 and lived in France. King John was very brave and determined king. He accepted the document called the Magna Carta or Great Charter. Winston Churchill, for example, argued that "[w]hen the long tally is added, it will be seen that the British nation and the English-speaking world owe far more to the vices of John than to the labours of virtuous sovereigns". He Tries to kill his father and his fathers wife. HIs most important decision was accepting the Magna Carta and not making people mad. We should care about him becausew he accepted the Great Charter. His most significant accomplishment was accepting the Magna Carta.
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William the Conqueror

William was also known as William the Bastard. He lived from 1028-1087 and lived in Normandy. He was a very brave and determined man. He lead his army in the Battle of Hastings. He conquerored England and the Anglo Saxons. He created the Doomsday book and helped shape the feudal system. " I have persecuted itsnative inhabitants beyond all reason. Whether gentle or simple, I have cruely oppressed them; many I unjustly inherited; Innumerable multitudes, especially in the county of York, perished through me by famine or the sword."- William the Conqueror.William faced several challenges on becoming duke, including his illegitimate birth and his youth: the evidence indicates that he was either seven or eight years old at the time. His most important decision was accepting the Magna Carta document. We should care about him because he conquerored England and the Anglo Saxons. His most siginficant accomplishment was conqueroring England and the Anglo Saxons.
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