Mason Janak: 3/14/16, Barret, 3rd

Sketches of ideas

My idea changed from my sketches. My original idea was me drawing a baseball paper on piece of cardboard and having the baseball come out of the picture (Styrofoam). Then I decided to do a picture of my dog because I knew we were going to have to put him down and wanted to do this last art project for him.

Why did you draw it

The idea came from when I was looking through my pictures and found a picture of my dog and knew that he was about to die and wanted to do something for him.

Inspired by what artist

I'm not sure which artist first did portraits, but I was inspired by me and my dog

Materials and how I applied them

I used a 18 x 12 canvas as the base of the artwork, then using pencil and 1-inch grid I drew my picture which I printed out with a grid also on it.when that was done I used whit and black paint to make the back ground of the dog and used black, brown, and white to paint the dog.

Experience of this project

I definitely learned a lot from this project. I learned that I should add more value and have more color with future paintings, I liked the drawing part with the grid, but hated the painting part.