Different organelles and their functions.

Ribosomes: Creates proteins that the cell needs using protein synthesis.

Golgi bodies: Transports molecules around the cell or out of the cell.

Lysosomes: Organelles that go around the cell using digestive enzymes to break down wastes.

Cell wall: The organelle that surrounds pant cells, protecting and supporting them as well as preventing the cell from bursting in hypotonic solutions.

Cytoskeleton: helps to maintain the cells shape as well as helping the cell move.

Endoplasmic Reticulum: (smooth and rough er, difference being slightly different functions and the rough er has ribosomes on it thus it deals with proteins and is rough) transports certain materials throughout the cell.

Mitochondria: Produces energy for the cell in the form of ATP

Vacuoles: store materials in the cell for use at a different time

Centrioles: Are a organell that their is always 2 of and are only found in animal cells, they organize spindle fibers for cell division.

Chloroplasts: A organelle that is only found in plants, it is responsible for a plants green color as well as being responsible for doing photosynthesis, they are full of chlorophyll.

Cytoplasm:The jelly like substance in the cell, it is the site of some chemical reactions as well as all the organelles and molecules that are being transported in vesicles are all inside of it.

Nucleolus: A organelle found inside of the nucleus that is responsible for creating ribosomes.

Nucleus: The control center of the cell, it also holds all of the DNA.

Cell membrane:The semi-permeable membrane sounding the cell, holding it together and controlling what goes in and out.