Roberto Gomez Bolaños

Brian Barajas 10th Hour


Why did he started shows for kids? He started to make shows because he wanted to make a children's comedy show. Another thing is that he was one of the Mexican comedians of the 20th century. He made lots of show with other actors.
His name was Roberto Gomez Bolanos. He was born on February 21, 1929, Mexico City, Mexico. His father was a painter and a cartoonist. His mother was a bilingual secretary. When he grew he became a boxer before he became an actor. When he started the shows he was a film director and did playwrights. He was the most recognized Mexican comedian in the 20th century.
His shows were El Chispirito , El Chapulin Colorado, and El Chavo del 8. The show Chispirito he acted as a villain with his leader. Chapulin Colorado he acted as a superhero. Chavo del 8 he acted as an 8 year old boy that causes problems in a neighborhood and lives in a barrel. I also forgot Dr. Chapatin he is a doctor that does things backwards like if he had a thing that hits the knee he would use the hammer.
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Chispirito which is a nikname for Roberto. He published a book called "Diary From a Kid from Number 8" and also poems. His shows were like a Little Shakespeare. He died on November 28, 2014 at 85 years old. When he died lots of people came and sang his songs from his shows. There was 40,000 fans that came to his funeral. They also made a statue of him in Cali, Columbia.


He inspired kids and in the TV people dresses like him in the show and people of Mexico started to make shows like his. Also they imitated his voice and the way when he got mad and excited. When the people went to his funeral they wore a shirt that had a heart which is his superhero logo. The heart was a symbol for Roberto Gomez Bolanos.