Electromagnetic Waves

They're all around us.

What are electromagnetic waves and how are they set apart?

Electromagnetic waves are caused because of the changing magnetic fields and mechanical waves are caused by amplitude and not frequency, electromagnetic waves are produced charged particles' vibration and mechanical are not. Although mechanical waves need a medium to pass through, EM waves can travel through a vacuum. Accelerating charges are what cause EM waves.

Waves that occur right of the visible light on the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

In the spectrum, their are three types of major waves, right of the visible light. They are radio waves, microwaves, and infrared waves. Since wavelength affects frequency, compared to ultraviolet waves, these three waves are slower. These waves have high amplitudes and low frequency. Radio waves have the least energy followed by microwaves, and then infrared. Infrared waves are used in television remotes and they can be used to heat food. Radio waves are used in speedometers to clock speed. They are used for radio communication as well. Microwaves are used to heat food and they are used to communicate via cell phones.

Waves left of the visible light in the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Ultra-violet waves, X-ray waves and gamma rays are the waves on the left of the visible light in the EM Spectrum. These waves have small wavelengths, with high frequency and amplitude. Gamma waves have the most energy, followed by x-ray waves, and then Ultraviolet waves. Gamma waves are used to sterilize hospital equipment and their are used to perform surgery on a patient. Ultraviolet waves are used to detect fake money. They are also used to help deficiency of Vitamin D. X-ray waves are used to have x-rays on peoples' bodies. They are also used in exploring cancer. Visible light is the only waves detectable by the human sight.

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