Wildcat Weekly

January 18th-22nd, 2016

MJHS Mission Statement

Our vision for Ronald E. McNair Junior High is for every student to be high school ready with a college and career mindset by purposefully encouraging individual strengths, goals, accountability, exposure and participation in the global community. Each student will develop a desire to be his or her best self by purposefully aiming for academic and social readiness that produces global competitiveness.

Thought of the Week

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Future City- Our Future City Team went to competition on Saturday at the Space and Rocket Center! They were one of 2 Huntsville City Schools to advance to the Alabama Regional Competition!! Check out their pictures and their shiny new medal!!!

Week At A Glance

  • No School- Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.!


  • Basketball Game
  • ACT ASPIRE Learning Surveys


  • LTF @ MJHS (ELA 9)
  • ACT ASPIRE Learning Surveys


  • Vertical Team Meeting at Whitesburg
  • ACT ASPIRE Learning Surveys

Save The Date

  • Dr. Fowler and ELA Teachers- Writing Coach
  • ACT ASPIRE Learning Surveys


  • Dr. Riddile
  • ACT ASPIRE Learning Surveys


  • Dr. Riddile
  • ELA Writing Shutdown
  • Learning Lab- Mrs. Coyner's Room (bring copies of a recent Do Now and student responses)


  • Dr. Riddile/PLC


  • Student 1/2 Day
  • Final Friday Block Out!!!


  • Writing Scoring PLC

Friendly Reminders

  • Sub Tubs- please make sure that your sub tub is up to date and in Mrs. Matthews office!
  • Covering your duty- Please make sure that if you are going to be out for any reason that you get a teammate to cover your duty!
  • Grades- 1 per week- Please make sure that you are putting at least one grade per week into INOW.
  • Do Now- Please make sure that your Do Now is text based, has 3 levels of questions and that it is timed. Do Now- 1st 10 minutes of class.
  • 90 Minutes of instruction- Please make sure that you are planning 90 minutes of Bell to Bell instruction. It is always better to over plan. Ask yourself these questions when planning a lesson...
  • What do I want my students to know and be able to do? How will I know if they have learned it? How will I know if they have not learned it? What am I going to do if they did learn it? What am I going to do if they didn't learn it? What am I going to do if some students finish early? Students should ALWAYS have something to do!!!
  • Class One Offenses- Please make sure that you are calling parents, talking to students, clearly stating your expectations, and documenting what you do to redirect the student. All of this helps immensley if a student needs further assistance from an administrator.
  • Positive PAWS- Please don't forget to sign and make a note on student's green cards. Thank you!

Let's Have Some Fun!

  • February Snacks and Strokes- More information is coming soon!!

  • MJHS Bowling Night- We briefly discussed this in Learning Lab on Wednesday- would anyone like to plan this for us?
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Duty This Week (Week 2)

Ms. Morris

Mrs. Sanderson

Mr. Johnson

Ms. Blackmon

Ms. Griffin

Mrs. Crivello

Mr. Carpenay

Ms. Coyner

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