Ms. Mary's Class

Class 2C at the Elementary School, ASD, Doha.

Week 14: December 4th, 2014

Dear Parents,

International Week starts on Monday with the Opening Ceremony which your children will be attending in the High School gym. The International Buffet is on Wednesday so you need only send in a snack to school, along with a water bottle.

We have some great activities planned for the final week before the Christmas break so watch out for notices, letter, etc about that!

Best Regards,

Mary Mulqueen

Explore Weather on MYON.....

Mrs. Gellatly in the Elementary library has made a book list of 20 books on weather and seasons on Myon. Students can find them in Myon under Teacher's List. Usernames are made up of the year of graduation, initial and surname eg 25schung and they all have the same password, 123456. This is a great opportunity to reinforce non-fiction reading in conjunction with our current Science Unit on Weather.


Username: 25(first name initial)(surname) Password: 123456

The Best Time of the Week.... Explore time!

Kathy Collins visits Grade 2 at ASD

We were so fortunate to have Kathy Collins spend time with our children and with us teachers this week; professional development that was rich and valuable in making us better teachers of reading and writing.

Kathy is a graduate of Syracuse University with a B.A. in advertising/art history, and she also earned a master's degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages from Teachers College. During her career, she's been an English as a second language teacher in Japan, a first-grade teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y., and an adjunct instructor at the University of Alaska in Anchorage. She currently teaches at reading institutes across the country and consults with schools and districts.

"I love being with children, figuring things out with them, developing warm relationships with families, thinking with colleagues, and doing work that means so much in the world," Kathy explains. "I love organizing a classroom and wrapping my mind around a child in order to figure out how best to meet his/her learning needs and to support students' hopes for themselves."

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Book Reviews...

There is so much cross-over in our Reading and Writing units right now as we read, wonder about, examine, retell, summarise and choose a favourite part of our books, then write about it and recommend it in a Book Review. Have a look at some of the features we would like to include in our Book Reviews....
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New Math Unit: Expanding Place Value with larger numbers

In this unit students will continue to build on their understanding of numbers and their true value looking at place value of ones, tens, and hundreds and their relationship to each other. They will be reading and writing three digit numbers in unit, numeral, expanded, and word form.

Last day of term, Wednesday, December 17th

We are very happy to tell you that Grade 2 will be celebrating the upcoming holidays by having a Polar Express Day on December 17th. The day is loosely based on the book “The Polar Express’ and we ask that students come to school wearing pajamas and sneakers. This event takes the place of a class party. Snack, lunch, recess and specialist subjects are not affected by our fun day. Watch this space for more details....

Well Done to the students who go on IXL regularly to achieve this award!

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Science Unit on Weather

Check our Brainpop Jnr for great videos on seasons, temperature and the water cycle.
Brainpop Junior

Username: asdoha password: dragons

IXL Math

Please encourage your children to practice the Maths concepts we have taught in class on IXL at home; Usernames will always be the child's first name, child's last name, 63 (no spaces), like marymulqueen63, password is dragon.

Ongoing Extension at home....

  • Please wait until Wednesday to complete Math homework as we often have not completed teaching the Math points until then.
  • Practice 'Accountable talk' with your family during dinner.
  • Be a Math Hero - know all the combinations to 20 by heart! Play Close to 20 game.
  • How many different ways can you show the number that is today's date? (standard form, expanded form, word form...)

Elementary Playground after school

We would like to remind you that the elementary playgrounds are closed until3:15pm. Once the playground opens at 3:15 all students must be supervised directly by a parent or an adult. Thank you for your support.

Absence from School

We kindly request that you contact the Lower Elementary Office Manager, Mrs. Krista Wilson if you know your child will be absent. Her contact information is or you may prefer to call the elementary office at 4459-1550

Important Dragon Band Announcement:

If your child uses their Dragon Band to purchase lunch at school it is important to "top up" the band at the vending machine on a regular basis. Campus Card will send reminders to parents once the card dips below 100 QR.