The Three Koalas

By: Egan Li

There once were three koalas, which lived in Australia. One of them was captured and got put in a zoo. The zoo keepers fed the koala eucalyptus leaves. They also fed him apples. The second koala was captured and was put in a zoo close to where the first one was put in. The zoo keepers fed the koala eucalyptus leaves, and some corn. Lastly, the third koala was taken to a roadside circus. The circus people were clueless, but gave him the leaves of a eucalyptus tree, (they just plucked leaves off of the nearest tree) and gave him some carnival almonds. In time the koalas got bored, and left the places where the humans brought them.
They were all close by to a eucalyptus forest, so each, one by one, climbed ironically, into the same tree. They munched on the leaves quietly. The first koala exclaimed, “I like apples.” The second koala said “I like corn.” Then the third koala commented “I like almonds.” Suddenly, the third koala fell out of the tree. The other two koalas chased after each other, fighting about what food koalas should eat. Since they either left the zoo, or circus, they brought some of their favorite food. They each agreed to try each one to see which was better. After they tried the food, the koalas decided they should be open to more food choices. The koalas became friends, and set off to eat more different kinds of food.
Theme: Be open to many things, you might like them.
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