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August 22, 2019

Keeping those good habits you built over the summer

Summer break is a great time for self improvement and I'm going to guess that many of you did just picked up a new healthy habit. It can be hard to keep that positive change going when you start the new school year routine. I encourage you to keep walking, drinking water, getting more sleep, listening to books, etc...whatever it was that felt so great this summer, see if you can't find a bit of time for it.
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Mr Stinky Feet Posters

We have about 10 Mr Stinky Feet posters to put out around town to get families to attend the event. I've taken one so that Anna can put it in the window at Poppies Ice Cream. Do you have a good idea for where to place one? Come grab on from the front window in PAT office. We would really like to get them to daycare/doctor offices....we will recruit for PAT at this event.

Dismissal....School at GBEEC ends at 11:45 and 3:45

Please do not head out of your classroom until 10 minutes prior to that. We serve students on IEP's and need to ensure that their minutes of service are being honored.

Open Part Time Parent Educator position

We have an open part time Parent Educator position posted. It is job number 3804, if you know someone who would make an amazing Parent Educator, please encourage them to apply and let me know. This position is open due to the departure of Emily Herbert, let's all wish you well in her next chapter! THANKS

Talent Ed

If your evaluation is completed in Talent Ed (Parent Educators, Paraprofessionals, OT/PT), it is time to set a goal. There are a lot of people who could help you write your goal, ask for ideas from colleagues, Jeanie and I are willing to help as well. Is there a book you've been meaning to read? Form a book study group that meets over lunch, I'll buy the books. Give this good thought and make it meaningful to you and your work!

We encourage you to write SMART Goals that include:

SMART is an acronym for the 5 elements of specific(so that you can work toward the goal), measurable (you know when you achieved the goal), achievable (you could actually make this goal happen), relevant (this goal will impact you and your work), and time-based goals (goal should be achievable within the school year).

Jim Cosgrove Concert

As staff members, your families are welcome. Your goal is to recruit for PAT and connect with families. I don't think your own child/children would inhibit you from this!
2019 GBEEC Programs

How do kids qualify for each of our programs? Can they be put on a wait-list? Have questions, hopefully this will help!

Dress Code: "What Not to Wear"

So we are all highly skilled professionals, but our work is often on the floor and involves messy play. Please be mindful of your clothing choices as you head into work or into a home. If you are wearing something you would walk the dog in, you need to rethink! This is a gentle reminder that you need to be comfortable/professional. You represent the good work we do, you do not have to dress up, but you should look like the knowledgeable professional you are!

Indoor Recess Guidelines: Temperature guidelines to warrant indoor recess are:

  • Temperatures at 20 degrees or wind chill below 20 degrees
  • Three-digit temperatures or triple-digit heat index
  • Temperatures over 90 degrees is at building discretion

LSEF Campaign:

The Lee's Summit Educational Foundation is kicking off the annual campaign to raise additional classroom support for your teachers and students. The campaign for all school district staff will run from Aug. 21 to Sept. 4. Brochures have been sent to your building staff via interoffice mail. Completed forms should be returned to LSEF at SLC. Thank you for your continued support of LSEF!
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Classroom Pet Approval Forms: District Policy

Any classroom pets will need to be approved prior to being brought to school. Please remind staff that pet approval forms must be submitted annually. For those who had pets last year, they will need to resubmit. Class Pet Approval Form

School Laundry

  • Each classroom will gather laundry and lay it outside of their classroom door by 2:55 daily.
  • Someone will come by and pick it up.
  • Laundry will be started at 3:00.
  • A para or staff member will make sure the laundry is moved to the dryer before he/she leaves.
  • Brenda will remove the laundry from the dryer each evening. She will not be responsible for folding.
  • Everyone should be aware not to start a small load of laundry after 2:00 so that the washer will be available to start a large load at 3:00.

Any questions, please see Jeanie. This procedure may be subject to change once more students are enrolled and para availability becomes more limited. Stay tuned.

Our Week:

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Thursday - Jeanie here, Kerry to SLC all day

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