Alexander the Great

By: J Buchanan

Who was Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great was one of the best rulers of the history of rulers. He lived with his dad, Phillip, and his mom, Olympius. He pretty much took over the entire known world.

He loved to fight. So when he became king, his dad told him, 'My son, Macadamia is too small for you, seek out a larger empire, worthier of you.' Alexander the Great was the most famous conquerer of all time. Alexander's worst enemy was Darius the 3rd.

What city-states did Alexander take over?

Alexander first went to Persia and fought Darius and his army. Darius fled. But Alexander's army wasn't done. His army killed everyone and they burned Persia. Next, the traveled to Bactria (modern Afganistan). He made alliances with the Bactrians and married a Bactrian princess. He then went to the Kyber Pass and fought northern Indian kings and queens. During the fight, Alexander's army saw elephants for the first time. He took over other city-states and had ruled the entire known world.

Where did Alexander the Great live?

Alexander the Great lived in Macedonia. Macedonia was a small kingdom on the edge of the Persian empire.

When some big events happened.

Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C. He died in 323 B.C. when he attacked Persia, he took them over. He took them over in 333 B.C.