In the Victorian Era

The Victorian Era

The once- popular and glorious victorian fashion of the 1800's is now high priced, rare, and eagerly sought. Fashion has noting to do with good taste, it could be defined as qualitly of fitness, order, beauty, or excellence. Important events that occur and change our everyday lives, often change our fashion. Another big input into the the more current years of fashion is technology! In the Victorian Era, it would be very safe to say they liked volume-and lots of it. Dresses were large and puffy, some had were thick, some had rumps. There hats were big and feathery, its the 19th century for you!

Modern Day Compared to the Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was... big, poofy, and feathery! The modern day fashion is more flat. If you went walking down the streets in the mid 1800's you would see rumps, men in feathered hats, large skirts, kids in dresses and suits, and lace. Now if you were to walk down the streets in 2014 you would find skinny jeans, sweatpants, t shirts, maybe a few tight fitted dresses. Over the years technology has more and more effect on modern day fashion.

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