A Christmas Carol Backround

Jurnie Tran

This is my smore on A Christmas Carol Background

Charles Dickens was a famous novel writer, after his first book he kept writing more books because once his first book came out it became very popular and people wanted to read more, Charles Dickens didn't write many books after that, he wrote a total of 3 books that were all very popular, witch is how he became the famous novelist he is still to this day.The industrialization revolutions impact on society brought wealth and power through out the century, manufacturing dealed with the industrialization, manufacturing helped research and develop tools, machines, and equipment. Queen Victoria was a ruler she was not a very good leader but she was royal to peace, They called it Victorian Era because they named it after queen Victoria because she ruled Britain at the time. Child labor is when children worked very hard so that the family's could eat, children started working at a very young age average age that kids would start to work was age 6 some children sometimes had to work up to 19 hours, Children were worked very hard they were exhausted every night but they worked hard to feed all the family's. Poverty happened because they wanted to put every child in school by the year 2000, during poverty if you were rich you were very rich and if you very poor you were very poor.