Section 2, Chapter 16

History of Transcaucasia

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Government- Past and Present

PAST: The government of Transcaucasia has been all over the place. Transcaucasia was a place of violence, either while ruling itself, or being ruled by others. It once was under Russia's control after the Russian Revolution, but regained it's political independence again after the Soviet Union fell. Afterwards, an ethnic tension built up, and has created a tense atmosphere since, causing violence and dysfunction.

PRESENT: Today, Transcaucasia is still a dangerous place in some parts of the region, but not caused by the government itself, but by the people. The actual police help the citizens escape conflict. Their government is a democratic federative republic,


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There are lots of different customs in Transcaucasia. There's the Georgian Supra, a dinner party, which is much like America's Thanksgiving. Except, there are tons of more courses of food to eat. The actual word Supra means "table cloth."