The SMART way to FLIP

The Seven Essentials

SMART Notebook 11

SMART Notebook 11 has features and add-ons that make instruction interactive.

SMART Notebook 11

SMART Recorder

SMART Recorder is a feature in SMART Notebook that makes it easy for you to create a screencast of your lesson and share it with students.

SMART Response

SMART Response make it easy for you to assess student learning and receive the feedback you need to inform instruction. SMART Response VE interactive response system is cloud-based software that enables students to respond to planned and spontaneous questions and take quizzes using any of their favorite internet-enabled devices, from anywhere.

A fast and effective way to assess learning

SMART interactive Whiteboard or Slate

SMART Interactive Whiteboard or Slate is the hardware that allows you and your students to touch, interact, and learn.

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange is your one-stop shop for lessons on any given topic and for downloading interactive widgets.

SMART Extreme Collaboration

SMART Extreme Collaboration is an add-on that allows students to collaborate and interact using their mobile devices.

Extreme Collaboration - Video 3 of 3 (Student Collaboration)

SMART Notebook Web

SMART Notebook Web allows you and your students to create and access SMART lessons anywhere, anytime, from any device.