Kiwi Bird

By Shsor3


- narrow, slightly curved beak (WIKI)
- rounded body (WIKI)
-has fur (WIKI)
-black eyes (WIKI)


- Find food on floor

- insects, larvae, beetles, snails, crayfish, fruits (WIKI)

Climate, Countries, Habitat, Reproduction

- live in forest areas

- adapt to cold weather

- found in New Zealand (WIKI)

- territory, mate, nest, eggs, have chicks (CH)

Classification, Communication, Size

- bird (mammal)

- grunt to communicate

- 18 in. 13 kg. (KIW)


- territory, mate, nest, eggs, have chicks

- mating season from June to March

- can't sing to attract, so they grunt (KIW)


- can't fly, get food from ground (KIW)

- use nostrils to find food (KIW)

- curved, narrow beak (pick up insects) (SA)

Unusual Characteristics

- bury into from predators

- cannot fly

- quick/ agile (SA)

Reasons for Endangerment

- imported animals (KIW)

- forest fires (KIW)

- predators (dogs, cats) (WIKI)

- limited defenses (SA)

- little food sources (SA)

- hunting (WIKI)

- few places to hide (KIW)

- invasion of mammals (KIW)

Critical Information

- trying to breed a stronger bird/ species of kiwi bird

- farmers make nests

- trying to control loose pets (SA)