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Candidates come and go but I'm here to stay. Text books are boring, note taking can cramp your hand, even presentations get dull when its a powerpoint. Engaging classrooms with technology is the future in stimulating students. Teaching has changed and the old way of presenting material is over. What some teachers try to do is to change the student to fit the mold, but its the teacher that needs to change in order to mold a successful student.

What I believe and how I approach my students is nothing magical. I just put the student first and mold my lessons to stimulate their mind. Using technology is just one of those tools to promote and create a successful classroom.

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Mark Stirbens

These are just a few things that I introduced to my students while student teaching. I was also involved with video news letters for parents along with using interactive and engaging activities with the web site Socrative. My students even use the starwalk app to learn about the solar system.
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