The Boy in The Striped Pajamas

BY John Boyne

Main Characters

Bruno is 9 year old boy from Berlin and doesn't know about the war. Shmuel is a Jewish kid in the concentration camp.

Main Conflicts

Bruno and his family Moves from Berlin because Brunos father was told by Hitler to move to what Bruno calls Out-With and control a Concentration camp.

Book Characters

The Boy in the striped Pajamas

Event from the beginning

In the beginning of the book Bruno walks in his room and finds his maid taking all his stuff and boxing his clothes then mother come in and and tells him they are moving.

Facts about WW2

Hitler thought at the Nurse that let his mother died was jewish and thought after his dad died and was denied to go to a art school he thought that he was jewish and wanted to get revenge so he started WW2.

Event from the middle

in the middle in the book Bruno builds a tire swing and then Bruno falls off the swing and the Pavel finds him on the ground and fixed him up then Bruno finds out hes a doctor.

event form the end

At the end of the book Bruno goes to see Shmuel and then after they talk Bruno went over the fence to help Shmuel find his dad then they end up in the gas chamber and dies.