きんようび (kinyoubi-Friday)- Mar 24, 2017

Today's Important Info:

(◕‿◕) おはようございます!きょうはきんようびです。

  • If you have not taken part 1, or 2 of the mid-term exam please do so NOW! You don't want to get a 0% for not taking it.

About the Mid-term exam:

  • Make sure you all use a computer that can read Japanese font. (よめますか.) <--If the Hiragana doesn't show up here and you see boxes, then you need to fix this or switch computers that can display Japanese font.
  • REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN NOT USE NOTES, GOOGLE TRANSLATE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO TAKE THE MID-TERM. (It says that right in the beginning of the mid-term!) If you do, you will receive a 0%!
  • REMEMBER THAT I have to MANUALLY GRADE all 2 parts of the mid-term exam, so any errors etc I will be grading manually!!
  • For those of you who have completed all of the Mid-term successfully and have NO missing work, please go ahead and look over lesson 8 vocab/grammar, as well as the Final Project (which many of you probably have already looked at?) ^o^ Keep up the good work!

☻ /



Remember that ALL missing work is due by TODAY by 11:59pm. This is for everything for lessons 1 through lesson 7, including coaching sessions and quizzes. Please go through your grades and submit anything missing. I'm still grading late work. >.< Please continue to do your best. ^.^
Please complete the check in update survey if you haven't done so already from last week.