info on acadians


Hello I am vishali in grd 6 and will be telling u about Acadians where the lived,who they are what occurred in the past and reality programs.

Where have the acadians lived

The Acadians lived on nova scotia territory since the founding of port royal in 1604.With there friends and allies in miqmak they felt secure.Most of the Acadians live in new Brunswick ,prince Edward island , and nova scotia with some in parts of maine and qubec.While they are continuing struggles against assimilation and attempts to keep the French alive, Acadians have increased control over there education.

What happened in 1730

In 1730 the british people persuaded the Acadians to swear if not allegiance at least neutrality in any conflict between any Britain in nova scotia became more and more precarious.Acadians population took the oath of allegiance of the british government in London which felt like the Acadians must at some time be forced to decide where they stood.

Who are acadians

Acadians are the descendants of French settlers who came to north America from 1604 onward.They settled in the territory known as acadie.Before acadie was found erupeon traders and fisherman had already been visitors to these shores.

Acadian programs

The Acadian museam offers an educational program which includes guided tours to groups of school students from prince Edward island and elsewhere.Acadian affairs provides services and programs to provincial government institutions to support the development and delivery of French language services to the Acadian and francophone community.
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