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March 7, 2019

Fire Marshall's Visit

We were blessed with week with a visit from the Fire Marshall. I will be contacting folks with specific items but in general here are things that we need to always be vigilant about to keep us safe.

  • There can't be any items on the heaters. None. Please take a look at your heaters and remove any and all items that may be on top of the heaters before you start the week next week.
  • I think candles might have been a popular Christmas gifts from students this year because we had several rooms with candles sighted in them. If you have any left over candle gifts, or just candles in general, they need to go home as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that doors are not blocked with times and that there is open access for anyone to exit in an emergency.
  • Decorating is great....except when it blocks doors or obstructs a persons ability to exit a space quickly. Please remove any hanging decorations that might obstruct a person from freely leaving a space.
  • Make sure all appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, etc) are plugged into a wall outlet. They cannot be plugged into a power strip. If you have any appliances in your classroom that are plugged into power strips you must change them to a wall outlet.

Thank you in advance for your help in ensuring that our school is as safe as possible.

Science Fair

Monday we are expecting students to bring in their science fair projects. I have permission forms for about 65/70 students. I'm unsure if we will have that many brought in on Monday, but that is who we have permission forms from parents of who are participating. We will make every attempt to catch students at the door and have them bring their projects to either the Main or Kindergarten Alcove.

Our plan for judging is to have the students stand with their board in the afternoon starting at 1:00. We are going to have to finalize this plan on Monday morning depending on how many projects come in. The general plan is to have students by their boards starting at 1:00 we will have teams of judges working either with K-2 projects or 3-5 projects. Our volunteers will use a rubric to evaluate the board and to talk to the student. Once the board is scored the student will go back to class. We are hoping that this will be a fairly quick process and all students will be back in class by 2:15--2:45 at the latest.

If judging is complete with time left at the end of the day, we will announce on PA system that all judging is completed. If you wanted to go on a walk with your class to look at projects at that time you may.

We will send out an email Monday morning with final details. Thank you for working with us on this endeavor.

SPED Referrals

A friendly reminder that when a referral form is needed to start the SPED process it is very important that the sheet is filled out completely and in a timely manner. For the upper grades more than one teacher is needed to complete the form. For time sake, teams need to work together and not separately. The SPED department is working on a very tight timeline and should not receive a form that is completed by half of a team and then turned in with the expectation that the SPED team will give it to the other team member. This process is eating up valuable days in the referral process and getting students identified. As a team/teacher make sure that all parts of the referral form is complete. All data points that are asked or are included. Do not turn in half completed forms. Timelines start as soon as a referral is created. We need the forms done quickly so testing can begin. Thank you in advance for taking the time on your end to ensure that all forms are completed completely and in a timely manner.

Monday's faculty Meeting

We have a packed agenda for Monday because it is our only faculty meeting this month.

  • We will have Andrea Fissel and possibly Dr. Stringham speaking to us regarding an opportunity to mentor future teachers, gain valuable technology in our classrooms, and support STEAM instruction.
  • We will have a quick public service announcement from Pattie Seabolt to help teachers in grades K-2 can identify students for Read To Be Ready camp this summer.
  • Please bring a few examples of your students data folders to support a deep dive conversation we will have on Monday.

Supporting Students are we gear up for testing

We've talked a lot in PLCs about kids who display either a lack of effort to finish the assessments put in front of them or we've seen students shut down because of anxiety from the test. I'll be on the look out for resources that can help in thee two areas--effort and test anxiety.

Test Anxiety:

9 Weeks Party! Start Building the HYPE!!

Our next 9 weeks celebration will be on Friday, March 22. Each grade level will celebrate great behavior choices during their Related Arts Class that day. While we are hoping for great weather and the ability to be outside, we will also be using the gym.

Our theme will be a beach celebration since we will be starting Spring Break. We are planning on having several stations for students to enjoy including : Wii/dance contest, corn hole, hula hoop contests, flippers/scuba gear relay race with bubbles, tropical fish center/mural for students to create a great backdrop for our party!

Please make sure that you have effectively communicated to all students and their parents if they are not going to the event or are in jeopardy of not gong well in advance of this event. For the majority of our students parents are well informed of their students behavior. However, we have a few students who are not chronic in misbehavior but over the course of 9 weeks may have not earned enough points and it sneaks up on us. Please check your class's point totals if that is a method you use as part of a entrance to the party that there are no "surprises" with students who cumulatively are in danger of loosing this experience.

Grade level students who have not earned the party will report to either a grade level classroom or the library (we'll work that out as we get closer) and will work with a member of the the behavior team to review behavior expectations, goal setting, and review strategies that could help students in the fourth quarter. We encourage teachers to visit the celebration and enjoy the time with your students. There is no expectation for teachers to be there the entire time.

More information will be coming, and we'll be talking about this on the announcements, but you can talk about it in your class too. If you have any questions please let us know.

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