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December 2020

A Note from our Principal, Mrs. Walk

Hello Parents,

It's easy to assume that childhood is a carefree time in a person's life. This is not always the case...and certainly not right now as our children face uncertainties in our complex world. Resilience is a skill that can help children to thrive even in adversity. Developing resilience is a personal journey, and you should use your knowledge of your own children to guide them on their journey.

Ten tips for building resilience in children:

* Make connections - Find ways to help children foster connectivity by suggesting they connect to peers in person or through phone or video chats.

* Help your child help others - Engage your child in age appropriate volunteer work or ask assistance yourself with tasks they can master.

* Maintain a daily routine - Work with your child to develop a routine and highlight times that are for schoolwork and play.

* Take a break - Teach your child how to focus on something that they can control or act on. It's important to validate all feelings.

* Teach your child self-care - Not only should kids eat properly, exercise and get enough sleep, they should also have fun and participate in activities they enjoy.

* Move toward your goals - Establishing reasonable goals and steps toward achieving them will help children focus on a specific task and help them to move forward in the face of challenges.

* Nurture a positive self-view - Help your child remember ways they have successfully handled hardships in the past and help them understand these past challenges build strength for future challenges.

* Keep things in perspective and maintain a hopeful outlook - Although your child may be too young to consider a long-term look on their own, help them see that there is a future beyond the current situation and the future can be good.

* Look for opportunities for self-discovery - Have your child take a look at what their current challenge can teach them.

* Accept change - It is important to examine what is going well and to have a plan of action for what is not going well.

I would also encourage you to use family time as a security blanket for your children. During times of stress and change, spend more time with your children playing games, reading to them, or just holding them close.

Although this year has been one for the record books, I can honestly say there is no group of people I would rather be spending it with than all of you.

Lisa Walk

Drum Roll For Our December Staff Spotlight!

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Very Special Honor

USAF Captain Jonathan Sakulich presented Kelly Dapice and the students of Trebein a plaque and flag that was certified and flown during a mission in the Middle East in their honor. He expressed his gratitude for the many cards, letters, and pictures Trebein students sent to his troop overseas. It was very moving (this young man is the son of Diane Sakulich - long term sub at Trebein in Art).
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Coloring Contest

Students participated in the American Legion Auxiliary Veterans Day coloring contest. Congratulations to 2nd graders Brie, Brianna and Briley for being recognized for outstanding coloring!

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Trebein 5th Grade DARE Graduation

5th Grade students recently completed the DARE program taught by Officer Wisecup from the Beavercreek Police Department. The DARE curriculum provided valuable information to the students about alcohol and tobacco, risky situations, making safe and responsible choices, stress, peer pressure, and bullying.​

​Students wrote essays to showcase the knowledge they gained from the program. Officer Wisecup chose the top 3 essays from each class to award the infamous DARE Daren stuffed animals! The students do an amazing job on these essays; choosing just 3 from each class is always a challenge!

DARE Essay Winners:

Mrs. Byrd's class: Maddy Ray, Johnny Stubbs, Tyler Sandness

Mrs. Booher's class: Madeline Williams, Evalynn Hesler, Reagan Kerr

Mrs. Holstein's class: Keara Stryker, Noah Christensen, Drew Baxter

Mrs. Wical's class (1st Period): Kendall Bridge, Abby Chentnik, Jarrett Davis

Mrs. Wical's class (2nd Period): Zachary VandenBos, Xavier Wagstrom, Abigail Benson

Officer Wisecup also chose one student to receive the DARE Character Award. This award is based on outstanding behavior not only during DARE but also in the classroom.

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Gomm for receiving the DARE Character Award!

We are so proud of 5th Grade Students for completing the DARE program!

I've Got Spirit, How About You?

On November 20, students rocked their Trebein Spirit Wear! If you are interested in ordering any more Trebein Swag, use this link:

A Peak Inside A Classroom

Check out Mrs. Whiteman's fifth grade classes learning about animal adaptations!

Feed the Creek

This month we will be announcing a food drive to line the halls of Trebein with non-perishable food to donate to Feed the Creek. In this season of giving, please consider donating and remember that hunger exists in our community.

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The Gift of Caffeine

In lieu of a staff appreciation luncheon in December, the PTO has invited Coffee Hub to make delicious custom drinks for Trebein staff on-site on Friday, December 18th. Instead of asking for donations of food or snack items, we welcome parents and caregivers to help show appreciation by making a tax deductible donation towards this event. Donations can be sent via PayPal to or checks can be made payable to Trebein PTO and given to the Trebein office staff.

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

We have surveyed Trebein staff and compiled a list of their favorite things! If you are looking for something your favorite staff member(s) might appreciate, check out the file for some great ideas! If the staff member you are looking for isn't on this list -- please contact them directly. Here's the file:

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