Civano Community School

19 May 2020

You Will Be Missed....

This is not the end of the year any of us imagined. As we say "See you soon" to all of you, it is also time to say goodbye to a few staff members....

Miss Joy -- You will be missed! Thank you for the exciting lessons and experiences these past 4 years in the Middlers Room. Who can forget "Jupiter the gas giant" in the park or feeding Ringo tasty worms? Your smile, laughter, and kindness will be remembered by all who've learned and worked with you.

Miss Anissa -- THANK YOU so much for stepping into the kitchen and onto our campus! Your time at Civano has been so brief, yet you have brought much to life here through your hard work and service. Best of luck to you and your family in Virginia!

Miss Dawn -- Thank you for all of the color, ideas, and art you brought to our Lower School students this year! We're wishing you all the best as you continue at Corona Foothills Middle School.

As our year draws to a close, we hope you enjoy the memories shared in our school movie. The link to the movie will be sent in a separate email only to our enrolled families and available on Schoology. Thank you to Donald for launching the project and putting together all of our photos and recording it; to Jenn Porter for uploading it securely for our families, and to BJ, Joy, Hope, Emily, Donald, Jana, Nicole, and Patti for contributing the photos and adding them to the final project -- no small feat! Pop some popcorn and enjoy!

Please take good care of yourself -- we WILL see you soon!


Welcome to Linda!

Linda Feltheim joins our team in the Middler's Room next year. I asked Linda to share a bit about herself...

Hello, Civano School community! I am so excited to be taking on the Middlers' Class! Many of you know me as "Annie's mom," and we've been part of this school since her brother, David, started kindergarten here in 2008. For all these years I've been quietly stealing ideas from Civano's teachers and implementing them in my own classrooms, so I am really happy to now be part of this great team. My specialty area is literacy (I picked up a master's degree from the U of A about two years ago) so I'm really looking forward to sharing my favorite books with the kids. I have worked to support this school as a volunteer for years, and I am so honored to join the staff. Middlers, I am looking forward to a wonderful year!

:) Linda

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Return borrowed devices:

  • Wednesday, 5/20 -- Civano: between 8am and 8:45; RVMS between 10am and 2pm

Wednesday (20) -- Community Time -- 9:30am

  • Join Zoom Meeting -- / Meeting ID: 621 386 235 / Password: Community
  • Pick up Memory Books (K-5), Yearbooks (6-8)
  • Check Lost & Found (who is missing a musical instrument?!
  • Pick up a silly sock puppet -- get one for a younger sibling, too! ;)Upper School students can sign name posters for 8th graders
  • Please practice safe distancing from staff and others while on campus! If you are not able to pick up during these times, please work with your child's teacher or call the school office for an appointment.

Thursday (21) -- 8th Grade Promotion - 9:00am

Friday (22) -- Teacher Parade! -- We'll be touring the neighborhood with Senita Valley and RVMS teachers (parade route below) beginning at 8:30. If you don't live in the neighborhood, you are welcome to park in the Civano parking lots, or the dirt lot and wave as we drive by!

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