The Vacuum Cleaner!

Use the vacuum & your house will have a better demeanor!

Don't waste your time picking it up, suck it up with the new vacuum cleaner!

This new invention will help you pick up small trash and dust that may be laying around at home! You can use it on carpet and it could also be used on other surfaces. You'll have the cleanest house in town!

This would be perfect if you clean your house!

If you spend your day cleaning up all the garbage on your carpet, we've got a solution for you! Just plug in your new Vacuum Cleaner, turn it on and it will do all the work for you. This is especially perfect if you have young children and you have crumbs all over your carpet, the Vacuum will pick it up in minutes.

Great if you have guests coming over!

Your guests will come and wounder how you have such clean carpet & floors! You can tell them that you used the new Vacuum Cleaner!

It can be easily stored in a closet!

All of this is yours for $50!


The vacuum cleaner was invented to pick up dirt and dust. In 1860 the manual vacuum was invented but then in 1901 Hubert Cecil Booth invented the motorized vacuum. The vacuum uses an air pump to suck up dust and dirt and then that dust and dirt goes into a dust bag. Vacuums could either be battery operated or they could be plugged into the wall.

This effected people because it helped them clean their houses. If they had a party and their guests made a mess on the floor, when everyone left it would be very simple to just take your vacuum and suck up all the dirt. It effects us in the same way today, today we have small handheld vacuums so it is even easier. If you have kids and they make a mess while they are eating or bring in dust or dirt from playing outside it is very helpful to pick up all the dust and dirt.

I choose to use fault cause and effects and repetition as my persuasive techniques. I used the word vacuum a lot in my advisement and I also said that you will have the cleanest house in town so that's saying if you buy the product your house will be cleaner than every one else witch would be faulty cause and effect.