6 Ways to Play and Read Music

By: Joshua L. Clem

Music Too Hard? Try Some Easy Methods

Some people give up on music to fast. if they don't play like a professional they give up. some will try and get bored with it because they feel like they aren't going anywhere. people do not give themselves enough time to learn anything on an instrument. But if you really want to play an instrument here are a few different ideas. (Picture via)
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Read it, Learn it, Play it!

This involves learning to read the music and take it from there. and then taking your knowledge of music from there. this includes learning the time signature, clefs, notes. note values, and the notes on the staff. This is a good way to learn music correctly.

Playing it Simple.

This method is focused on teaching on the musical alphabet, scales and intervals. This method is kind of similar but this website. it focuses on music along with the notes, unless you choose to read music . but this website focuses more on playing rather than only reading music. (Picture via)

Good Old Lessons

Learning music can take time and practice. having someone with you to learn can be helpful because it helps to have someone to explain it to you. they can teach you things that could take months to figure out. this is a more classic way to learn to play an instrument. people run studios for a living where they teach you to play these instruments.

Just Play Along

Some people have the ability to listen to music and figure things out to come up with something close to it. but sometimes you might need a couple of pointers to play chords. some people can play around and just figure things out. (Picture via)

Chords, Chords and More Chords (For Piano)

if you ever have trouble playing the notes you can just use chords and walk downs. to do that you can, for example, play the c major with one hand and play the same thing in a different Octave on the keyboard. and so on with the whole music alphabet. even when you play guitar first starting out a lot of people only play chords. (Picture via)

Try Different Strategies

One way may not work for you. try different strategies to learn music then see if you can tie them in with any other music strategies. if you don't get one method try another. not everyone might want to do the same thing. but learning the basics like reading music and playing music simple is handy (Picture via)
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