Fit Brains

Ryan Keaney

Made by Rosetta Stone

Fit Brains is a user friendly app. It can be played on the iPad or iPhone.

Some of the great features of this app are the use of color and fun games.

Students would benefit from using this app because they might have better emotional control and improve their grades.

It has different games that help improve speed, memory, langue and quick thinking.

Why use Fit Brains

Fit Brain is used to improve a persons emotional intelligence and short/long term memory.

Both teachers and students would enjoy using this app because it is fun and it is used to improve their well being.

This could be a good app for teachers who get stressed out with children.

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Favorite feature

One of the best features of this app is that you can download and use it without using a credit card.

Another feature of this app is that it is really easy to understand how it works.

Least Favorite Feature:

The sounds are annoying in these games. There should be more of a selection to use.


The free version of Fit Brains only has a single game for each mental exercise area. It would cost $39.99 to get the full version. The full version has 65+ games.

Save Progress?

Users can save their progress, and return to play on a different day. Stats are kept on your performance.