ActiveStudio Teacher Challenges

for teachers with Active Slates or Active Boards

Level One

1. Download and Install Software

In SCCPSS, download the Active Inspire V1 software. You may do this from Acorn>Technology Support>Software Application Installer. If you install version 2, you will be prompted to use Promethean's new product called ClassFlow. (NOTE: *Version 2 with ClassFlow will not work with the Active Slate. You'll need to uninstall V2 and then install V1.)

If you have an Active Slate, you'll need a power cable, a hub, the slate, and the pen in order for the slate to function.

Register your slate from the Active Inspire software by clicking Edit>Device registration.

Follow the prompts to register the Active Slate to the hub. (NOTE: * If the option for Device registration does not exist under the Edit menu, version 2 has been installed. )

*Plan on 20 minutes from start to finish for this.

2. Use the Active Pen as a Mouse

Once the ActiveSlate device is registered, it's time to get comfortable using the pen. Use the pen as a mouse to remote control your computer and navigate your favorite interactive websites.

Open the ActiveInspire software.

Anchor the Active Slate tight to your waist.

Select the arrow/cursor from the floating tools.

Navigate the screen from almost any spot in the room.

For this challenge, choose a different interactive activity to support instruction for each day of the week.

Interactives - A huge collection organized by topic

Sheppard Software - Interactive games organized by content and grade level

ClassFlow - (formerly Promethean Planet) Create a free login, then be sure to download the flipcharts to use with your Active Slate or Active Board Pen. (Remember, do not upgrade to V2 if you have an Active Slate.)