Genetic Engineering

We can't play God.

What is Genetic Engineering?

Genetic Engineering- is the modification of the genetic makeup of cells and the crossing of the species boundaries to make a novel organisms.

Genetic Engineering is not just for the human species it is also used for enhancement for Crops and Food. Genetic Engineering is used in humans by modifying genotypes of humans before birth. This allows us to manipulate certain traits of idividuals. Genetic Engineering in crops and food are used to enhance nutrition, taste, and growth rate. Another modification that genetic engineering bring to the table is longer shelf life.

Whats the problem?

Genetic Engineering is a very efficient way to produce food for the growing population and find new ways to modify a child for healthy future. So, whats the problem? The negative aspect of this is that we are playing a game that is said is only meant for God himself.

  • The manipulation of genetic traits of a fetus is said to be a negative thing because of the effect on diversity. It is used to fix defects on an unborn child ,but is may produce new defects and new problems.

  • The manipulation of foods could lead to pathogens and Hamper with nutritional value.

Addressing the Problem:)

Knowing your limits. This is what we need to do to prevent genetic engineering from getting out of our reach. We can't play god.

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