Search For Safety

John Langan

Jasmine Gilbert Book Review

Imagine being beaten every single day. Not knowing how to protect yourself and the people around you. Not knowing who to go to for advice. Keeping everything inside and becoming a shadow in your own path. This is the story of Ben Mckee. Searching for safety. Written by John Langan. Published in 2007.

Ben Mckee is a young smart boy who is searching for safety. Ben lives with his Aunt Fay until his aunt has to leave to take care of her father. Ben and his mom move out of his aunt’s house and moves in with his mother and step father. After Ben and his mom move in with Larry things get worse for ben. When no one is around Ben is constantly beaten by his step father Larry. Larry is a no good drunk. He lost his job so he is home more often and drinking more and more each day. No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors. Ben’s mom is always working to pay bills so she doesn’t realize what is happening to her only son. Who can Ben run to?

Secrets are pain. They hurt you on the inside but no one can tell what’s going on, on the outside. No one knows what’s going on behind his front door. Ben has no one to talk to. His aunt is miles away. His mom Is always at work and when he tries to tell his mom she doesn’t believe him. Of course she doesn’t believe him. Most women will believe a man over their child. He is hurting physically and emotionally. How much beating will it take to finally tell the truth?

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Ben McKee

Ben is the victom in the story. He has no idea what to do about his situation.