By:Zeal Pathak

This Is The Flag of The country of Egypt

here is The Egyptian Currency


Longitude and Latitude(of Cairo):

Latitude:30* north



On the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres

Relative location:


South West of Israel

West of Libya

North of Sudan

Bodies of water:

west of Red sea

South of Mediterranean Sea

Continent: In Northern Africa

Locations Impact on People:

The Nile River in Egypt is one of the only sources of fresh water for the citizens in Egypt.The Mediterranean sea on the other hand doesn't have fresh water.The Mediterranean sea is starting to rot the soil and water.It is also ruining the soil which is affecting the farmers and their crops. This is also creating lack of fresh water so every 1 in 5 citizens aren't receiving fresh drinking water.Egypt is also located in a desert so that causes harsh weather conditions for the people.

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How does the Government and Economy impact the people?


Right now the government of Egypt has a positvie impact on its citizens. Their government is stable and is able to protect and provide necessary things for its people.Egypt's government is based on a republicanism government including a semi-presidential system. Like the U.S. Egypt has 3 branches of government Judicial, Legislative and executive.The governmentin Egypt also has a big positive impact on the poverty and resources that the people have.


Due to the crisis in Egypt right now the economy is getting worse.The tourism has about a 10% impact on the economy. The tourism in places like the Sothern City Of Luxor that is more involved in the crisis' tourism is bieng affected, which is affecting the economy. Also Europe has closed down flights coming in from Egypt. This impacts the people because they are also involved in the crisis, and if the economy goes down that raises the price for things they buy in their everyday lives.Eventualy this could cause major problems for thee people that live in Europe.

Human Environment Interaction

What jobs are Created By the environment?
One of the reasons great agricultural jobs are created by the Nile river. The Nile river provides good dirt and soil for the crops. It also provides a great fertilizer.
-Hydroelectric field jobs
The hydroelectric dams in the Nile and lake Nasser provides jobs to maintain these hydroelectric dams and make sure they are working.
Mining Industry-
Because of the Natural resources like oil, gas, petroleum.. the mining industry is available to workers.
Lake Nasser has lately been a good source of fish and has caused fishermen to move their to get the most amount of fish possible.
Environmental safety jobs have also been developed due to the pollution and fossil fuels
also people are working to find cleaner resources to benefit the environment. T
How the Environment is Modified and its Effects:
The Environment is modified in many different ways sometimes this has a negative effect sometimes a positive one. Here are a Few examples:

Air pollution-

  • creates respiratory diseases

  • Pollution due to Cars,factories and open air burning

  • A lot of air pollution happening in Cairo

Nile River -

  • . Egypt Creating dams and hydroelectric power

  • The Nile helps industrialize the country

  • earthen banks were constructed to help saturate the soil which caused the crops to grow

All kinds of pollution-

  • Oil pollution threatens coral reefs and ocean with its marine life

  • Agriculture land lost to urbanization

  • Aswan high dam causing more soil Salination


Methods of Communication In Egypt:

  • press




-online media

  • Postal mail Services

-government owned service

-Letters cards or packages can be sent

-Mail not considered very efficient/reliable in Egypt

  • Radio

-18 medium-wave stations, and four FM stations.

- 33 languages and 300 hours daily within Egypt.

-includes news,music,and sports

  • Media

-Television (satellite provides programs on T.V internationally)

  • telephone

-Landline telephones

-cellular phones(provide 3g service)

  • Internet

-Many types of services

  • Person to Person

-Face to face communication

-social gatherings

Ways of Transportaion From Place to Place:

Road System-

- national highways and motorways are a big part of transportation

-freeways are also used

Rail Roads-

-carries about 800 million passengers annually(1 year)

-Egyptian Railroad Services manages it

-Carries about 12 million tons of freight (goods)


-includes the nile,lake Nasser Alexandria-Cairo waterways and many other smaller canals

-used by oceangoing vessels

-Ports and Harbors are also used


-transports crude oil,petroleum and natural gas

-also transports other natural resources

Air travel-

-numerous international airlines EX; Egyptair

- about 4.2 million passengers annually(1 year)

-about 87 airports located in Egypt

Merchant Marine-

all used to transport goods and Natural resources

Locations impact on movement

Because of the Nile river and many bodies of water located in or close to Egypt, meaning transportation with boats or ships is very possible. This could be helpful for transporting goods and people from place to place.

Also many methods of communication are available due to the technological advancements that have happened over time which took place because they're economy has improved allowing them to spend money in order to activate these methods of communication.

But immigration problems are also occuring in Egypt from it's nieghboting countries. Many illegal immigrants have traveled from Libya to Egypt crossing the border without permission.Also illegal immigrants from Egypt have traveled to Israel illegaly for better opportunities like better jobs better environment and much more.

Location impacts movement both positively and negatively in many ways.



low lying sand dunes

The nile River

Sinai peninsula

Nile Delta

Sahara desert-split into many smaller desserts

Lakes(lake of Nasser)


Valleys (Valley of Kings)

Mountains(Jebel Musa Mountain (7496 feet).)


The Main Biome is a Desert.

Away from Nile the biome includes:heat of su and, lack of Water (causes agriculture problems).

Egypt is in the Sahara desert(largest desert in the world).

Desert getting bigger every year due to desertification to the Rainforests.

Next to Nile the biome is a forest/ freshwater biome

A Few animals in biome include the Nile Crocodile, the Egyptian Barbel Catfish, and the Lamprey (etc…)

Large Cities

A few of the largest cities popoulation and size wise are

Cairo(the capital)




Giza and


Egyptian Culture:


The Egyptian language was one of the first languages created in heiroglyphic form written on papyrus which is a type of paper.Today in modern times, Egyptians communicate with their modified or Egyptian way of Arabic which was adapted by its neighboring countries. Egypt also consists of 77,000 speakers of Bedwai,300,000 speakers of Nubian languages and 60,000 speakers of Greek which are scattered over the country.


About 90% of the Egyptians follow the islamic religion/muslims. About 9% is Coptic Cristian and th rest consists of all types of forms or branches of Cristianity. They pray in Mosques if they are muslim and Churches if they are Cristian.


In Egypt tradition was introduced by the Pharoh's of Egypt as well as tribal traditions.Many new ethnic traditions have been created to persue a new way of life. Most of the Egyptians celebrate he month of Ramadan.In Ramadan Egyptians stay up at night and spend time with prayers and spiritual activities. In Egypt woman aren't as knowledgeable so they are usualy communicated with via locals or their close family members.

In Egypt if someone has invited someone else they are usually expected to invite that person again.Also it is in proper manner when you turn down an invitation to tell the person who invited you to tell them you promise to visit another time.Tipping in Egypt is also very respectful and a good thing to do.


In the olden days Egyptians worelight clothes made of linen.

Nowadays because most of the people are Muslim the woman try to cover up most of their body if not all.Many of the woman wear Hijabs a covering for the neck and head. Men have no religious restrictions so they waer common Western type clothing. The religious men wear a Galabiya a loose fitted ankle length tobe along with a turban.


some of the dishes eaten by Egyptians are

Aish-is a pocket bread similar to pita bread

Baba Ghanoush-is a type of dip that is eaten with pita bread is kind of like hummus

Basbousa-is a sweet type of cake made with syrup

Falafel-is a famous dish which consits of chickpeas and fava beans

These are just a few dishes they're are also many more!


Is a system of polytheistic beliefs which were created in ancient times.The practice of Egyptian religion were to provide for the gods and gain their favors.They belive in their pharoh as their god and also their own god that they worship.

Egyptian Cultural Values and Beliefs

How Does the culture and Life of an average Egyptian Differ From the Culture and Life we Have in the U.S?

The U.S and Egypt have many things in common and many things that are different in their culture.Here in the U.S we consider women much more, we consider them equal to men. In Egypt the women are less prioritized compared to men in terms of education and jobs. Egypt mostly consists of people that follow the same religion. In the U.S there is a lot of diversity and many different cultures that are followed.The Egyptians also belive in children laboring to earn profit for their families if in poverty instead of recieving an educatiion. Here in the U.S education must be recieved for all children so they can grow up to earn a job that helps them get thier needs instead of laboring for money. Egyptians and Americans both belive in family very much.They also both belive in their one god and respect and worship them.Prt of Egyptian education is memorizing all parts of the Qur'an.In the U.S memorizing all parts of holy book is not necessary because of the diversity and freedom of religion in the U.S.One significant difference in Egyptian education is that their college is free unlike the U.S where the price of the college varies depending on which college the student attends. I think that Egypt's religion has many pros and cons to it. It allows a very organized and decided way of life.Whereas in the U.S you are able to be more indeoendent and live the type of life you decide. They both are very stable as of now and both wotk for the citizens of their country.In my opinion I would rather live with the culture in the U.S where you can make you own decisions in Egypt things are more decided.


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