December 2019 HHASD Newsletter

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District Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, challenging, student-centered learning environment focused on preparing students for their future through supportive parent, staff, and community partnerships.

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Mr. Martin Ulrich, RMS Music

Please enjoy the sixth in our new staff video series: Meet Mr. Martin Ulrich is the music teacher at Richfield Middle School. He teaches general music, band, and orchestra, and is preparing for the upcoming winter concerts which will be held at RMS on December 12th.

Veterans Day Celebration

Our Veterans Day program was a beautiful event that honored and recognized our veterans. Thank you to McManigal Photography for capturing our special event! Access photos by clicking on the button above. Password: hhasd

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Wellness Night!

Thank you to our Wellness Committee and Fuel Up to Play 60 teams for organizing such a fun night for our students and families! Next up: Sledding at Glacier Hills!
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Annual Performance Report

As the HHASD acknowledges the first full year of consolidation, our community has much to celebrate! Our district results remain strong, and we have worked to preserve parent-district traditions while creating new ones. Click here to read more!

Holy Hill Area School District (HHASD) Taxes decreases by over 12% in the second year of consolidation

At the HHASD Annual Meeting held on Monday, October 28, 2019, it was presented that the 2019/20 tax levy would be decreasing 12.14%. This final information becomes available each year in late October after state aid is certified on October 15th. This is largely due to declining enrollment on a three year average. The 2019/20 Mill Rate also decreased. However, it decreased significantly more than anticipated since the Department of Revenue released the equalized property values of the district on October 1st with a 7.55% increase. The average property value increase in the combined district over the past 10 years has been approximately 2% per year. According to the estimated Mill Rate chart below, a decrease bringing us just under $5.00 was expected this year based on our consolidation study done by Baird. The actual Mill Rate came in at $4.36, which is an 18.13% reduction from last year due to declining enrollment and a substantial increase in property values.

You will see on the chart below that while the Richfield School District (RSD) mill rate trend in red was relatively flat over the years, the Friess Lake School District (FLSD) trend in blue was dropping significantly due to declining enrollment. As was explained in community meetings, that enrollment and corresponding mill rate trend was not going to be manageable long term. Through consolidation, prior RSD tax payers will see mill rates significantly lower than the trend line (shown in red). Prior FLSD taxpayers will see a trend in lower mill rates as it had been (shown in blue) but in a more manageable climate. The actual consolidated mill rates (shown in yellow) are coming in lower than anticipated by the Baird consolidation forecast (shown in green) mostly due to recent higher property value increases.

The Holy Hill Area School District is happy to be able to deliver final numbers that not only followed our pre-consolidation projections but came in even better than expected. Our district is still positioned to maintain program offerings, attract and retain quality teachers, and provide opportunities for our children with a wide range of academic and social needs. A high performing, fiscally responsible school district is important to the stability and growth of our community and will positively impact property values in the long term. We appreciate the community support we have received this past year and your continued understanding during this transition. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Denise Howe, Business Manager, at

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Director's Corner

Click the button above to read about the minimum required immunizations according to the Wisconsin Student Immunization Law. Underneath this button is a flyer and information about our Developmental Screening which will be hosted early this month.

It's Cold & Flu Season...

With the cold and flu season approaching, many students will begin bringing in cough drops to alleviate coughs and sore throats. Families are asked to please complete the medication authorization form linked here granting permission for your child to access these items during the school day. Please send the completed form to school with your child and the cough drops in their original packaging. These items will be kept in the health room and your child can access these items during the school day. Any questions please feel free to contact the school secretary where your child attends.

Jodie Dietrich 262-628-2380 Friess Lake Elementary School

Jeni Kastner 262-628-1032 Richfield Middle School

Join Our Team

Printable Application. (Apply for teaching positions at:

Are you a parent, family member, or family friend, of one of our HHASD students? Do you like to spend time in the schools? Would you like to get paid for your time? Set your own schedule? Have the option of working half- or full-days? We are seeking substitute staff for both guest teachers and paraprofessionals.

What are the qualifications?

Guest Teachers: guest teachers must hold an associate's degree or higher from an accredited degree-granting institution

Paraprofessionals: a paraprofessional must hold a high school diploma and have completed two years of post-secondary education (48 credits) or an associate's degree or have met a rigorous standard of quality and be able to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics (or, as appropriate, reading readiness, writing readiness, and mathematics readiness) by taking and passing one of the Hiring Requirements Options.

Applications to both are below.

If you are unsure if you meet any of the qualifications, but are interested in either or both types of positions, please contact our office and we will gladly help you!

Washington County Library Survey

The Washington County Library Board has asked the local libraries and schools to survey as many Washington County Residents as possible. Please consider taking this five questions survey... it should take two minutes to complete. Thanks in advance!

Box Tops for Education - Program Updates

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2 - Board Work Session

10 - Parent Sounding Board

12 - RMS Winter Concert

16 - Board Action Session

17 - FLES Winter Concert

23 - Jan 1 No School