Stephen Hawking

Morgan Evans & Isaac Jenkerson

Growing Up

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8,1942. He was born in Oxford, England. He grew up with a family, one of four siblings. His mother and father were talented and both graduated from Oxford University. Early on in his life, he didn't show a lot of interest in school. However, he showed most of his interest in the stars and space. He studied black holes in his free time. At the age of 17, He went to University of Oxford. He was still healthy and able to move very well. He went to study math, but there was not a degree that the college offered for that. So instead, he studied cosmology. In 1962, he graduated from Oxford and went to the University of Cambridge for a PhD in cosmology.


The disease started to become noticeable when he was about 21. He tripped over things a lot, and slurred when he spoke. When Hawking noticed these problems, he didn't say anything about them. Although, when his father noticed, he took him to go get checked out by the doctor. The doctor said he would only be alive for two and a half more years. He had a disease called ALS [amyotrophic lateral sclerosis]. HIs life became different after that. In 1965, he found the love of his life and married Jane Wilde. They had three children, Robert, Mary, and Timothy. He joined the Institute of Astronomy in 1968. He kept up with his studies and did much research on black holes in outer space. He had taught as a professor at many colleges by the 1970s. After this, he voice slurred so much that he could not properly speak well. He also lost all control over his body and could not move any longer. Stephen Hawking has made many appearances on TV and newspapers and is very famous for his work while having his disease. To this day Stephen Hawking, age 74, is still alive and doing research.