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Have You Ever Used or Been Under the Influence of Mind Altering Substances?

What do you see yourself as? Who do you wish to become? These are questions that the average teenager will ask themselves multiple times a day. Throughout your high school career, you'll experience many hardships - a tough class, parental expectations, being pressed for time, not feeling like you do well enough as compared to your peers. Even when these roadblocks present themselves, you must remember that you as an individual are the most important part of someone's day. You are valued, cared for, and have someone at home who loves you. So, before trying drugs, popping that pill, or downing that keg, think of them.

How can drug usage be put in to perspective for you?

Think of your ten closest friends. Got them? Okay, keep them in mind while I explain this to you.

80% of hard drug users fatally overdose at some point in their time of usage. You heard that correctly. 80%. Now, imagine that each of those ten friends is currently using and abusing drugs. That would mean that respectively, 8 of the 10 would die due to their choices. If you allow for your friends to use drugs, you're playing Russian roulette with your social circle.


What Can You Do to Make a Difference?

In order to make a change, you have to be wiling to fight for what's right. Visit the counselor's office, a trusted teacher/supervisor, or confide in a close friend. Even the simplest of notions could be an unequivocal help. It's not snitching if you're saving someone's life.

Help Kickapoo Come Closer to Being a Drug Free School

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