Ravenstein's Laws of Migration

By Sahil, Katie, and Zach 5th Period

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First Law of Migration

"Every migration flow generates a return of counter migration" just like how when a car backs out of a filled parking spot, another car comes and fills it in.
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Second Law of Migration

"The majority of migrants move a short distance" such as a snail which does not travel very far from where it began.
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Third Law of Migration

"Migrants who move longer distances tend to choose big-city destinations" just like how sea turtles migrate long distances to lay their eggs on a populated island off the coast of Brazil.
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Fourth Law of Migration

"Urban residents are less migratory than inhabitants of rural areas" kind of like how cows who live on a farm with many other cows are less likely to move than a lone cow wandering through the countryside.
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Fifth Law of Migration

"Families are less likely to make international moves than young adults" just like how it is easier to move a young sapling that has few roots than an older tree that has many roots.