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Useful Techology Resources

Overwhelmed with finding resources to maximize your instruction? Well look no further. Here are a couple of great web sites and resources to support technology integration into the elementary classroom instruction
A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Need to Know How....

Featured App..

Timeline lets students to create a graphical illustration of an event or process by showing items chronologically along a line.

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Pages App.. Need to Know how to get your students work?

You have your students working with pages but you want them to submit their work to you? Well here is a quick how to using Edmodo..You can also export your iPad Pages documents by "exporting" them to your File Sharing folder, and then accessing this folder from iTunes:

  1. Open the Pages app on your iPad.
  2. From the Pages' "My Documents" screen, select the document you want to share/export. (Do this by centering the document in the My Documents view.)
  3. Tap the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like an arrow, pointing to the right. (Technically the 'sharing' icon.)
  4. Choose open in another app
  5. In the Export Document window, select the file format you want to export to. ( remember if you are working on a PC to send it as a word document, but if you want to view it on a Ipad or Mac you can use pages) Or you could use PDF to view on both devices.
  6. Then chose the app ( example edmodo)
  7. Have the students to add it to their backpack ( if you are working with your own device you can choose where you would like for it to go)
  8. Now have the students send it to you in a note of assignment.
  9. Pretty neat right :)
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Are You Interested in Technology.. Pine Street Elementary will be offering our first Tech and Tea for parents. It will happen during the school day for those who may want to learn some of the apps and software's that your students will be using in class. So please look out for more information coming soon!

Possible Ideas of some trainings:

1. Basics of Ipad

2. Edmodo


4. Pages and keynote


Please contact Ms. Morrison, our Instructional Technologist for more information.