Alpaca Plush


Baby Alpaca Fur Rugs & Animal Skin Rugs for Home

Luxurious and at the same time a unique carpet of alpaca fur decorate and office space, and living room have a place in the interior of a bedroom, creating comfort and harmony. Animal Skin Rugs There are friendly skins perfectly play a functional and aesthetic role, giving the room comfort and aesthetics.

Fur rugs our company attaches great luxury interior. Alpaca Fur The unique hypoallergenic properties fur alpaca fur bedspread allows you to put a fur rug in the apartment any asthmatic. Alpaca fur does not cause allergies, safe for children and incredibly aesthetic. Softness of the fur rug of baby alpaca ranked first in comparison with any other species of fur. Fur rugs in nature and because grease on the carpets are not the dust settles as in any other. Because our carpets clean and highly the carpet will not have allergies, it is safe for asthmatics - this information is confirmed by our tests.

Fur products have long been considered a luxury and wealth. Formerly home to warm furs were used as decoration for clothing and accessories. To date, the fur is considered one of the most popular decorating materials. Exclusive and modern transform your of natural and artificial fur, natural colors. By purchasing a carpet of fur you become not just the owner of the floor mat, and the owner of a luxury masterpiece, which is a long time to decorate the interior and will keep you warm during the long winter evenings.

We offer various blankets, including blankets of wool and baby alpaca rugs, alpaca wool which is mixed with sheep's wool. Most products are made from the wool collection is considered the best natural fiber in the world. All our blankets baby alpaca wool is hypoallergenic.